SUMSS Catalogue Sky Coverage

The source catalogue contains the results of fitting two dimensional gaussians to SUMSS mosaics. It contains the position, Peak flux, Total Flux , source sizes and associated errors of each source found to a peak amplitude limit of 6 mJy/beam at declination less than -50 degrees and 10 mJy/beam at declination greater than -50 degrees. Positions in the catalogue are accurate to within 2 arcseconds to the survey limit. For more detail about the fitting procedures and catalogue statistics you can download the catalogue paper as a gzipped .ps file.

A sky coverage plot is shown below. As of 2008, March 11 we have catalogued 211,063 sources in 629 mosaics covering about 8100 square degrees of sky.

We encourcage users to check the original images if ever in doubt about any properties of a source. We would also encourage users to check the images in case a source does not appear in the catalogue, some fainter sources may have erronoeusly been removed by the decision tree.

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